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About Us

Beyachad has been rocking the Jewish Simcha scene over the last 10 years. Through weddings, bar mitzvahs and corporate events in Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, Miami and even Israel, Beyachad has pumped Ruach and Energy into crowds with its unique and fresh sound to Jewish religious music.

Beyachad combines the different stylings of Yeshivish, Chasidic, Sephardic, Israeli and Lubavitch music and transforms them into musical medleys that always keep the crowd on the dance floor. Without losing the traditional Simcha music sound, Beyachad infuses various types of modern, pop, classical and traditional melodies and styles to enhance your Simcha and meet the needs of all different types of situations. Beyachad’s musicians are among Toronto’s elite professionals and come from different walks of life, each contributing their own unique sound. Whether they are a Mexican drummer, a Cuban trumpet player or even a local Toronto guitarist, they provide amazing music for your Simcha by all coming together to form a beautiful, musical ensemble, Beyachad!

Isaac Oziel


Isaac is the eldest of 3 boys in a family of singers. He was raised in a community that prides itself on its emotional Tefillot through singing and music. Isaac began his singing career from a very young age by praying and leading Tefillot in Shul, until his Bar Mitzvah, when he took the role as one of the main Shaliach Tziburim in Petah Tikva. He has now been serving as the Parnas (Gabai and Coordinator of Piyutim) at Petah Tikva. Isaac has been on the Toronto Simcha scene for the last 18 year, is one of the lead singers in Beyachad and will add emotion and spirit to your Simcha! 

Ariel Oziel


Growing up in a family and community that encourages young children to be active in participating in Tefillot in Shul, Ariel started his career as a public performer at the tender age of 6. By age eleven, he was the youngest member to join the Oziel Choir, singing at many Chuppas in the Sephardic community of Toronto. Ariel has been performing at weddings for the last 14 years and has the experience and expertise at leading a band, like no other. He even was advanced as a top 100 finalist in the first season of Canadian Idol, surpassing over 15,000 other contestants Canada-wide! There's no doubt that Ariel will add the young, vibrant sound that produces the energy to rock your next Simcha!

Oziel Choir


Originating from Tangiers, Morocco, the Oziel brothers - Isaac z'l, Moses z'l and Samuel z'l, gifted with beautiful melodic voices, participated and collaborated in many religious ceremonies throughout community. The famous Shir Ha’Shirim Choir, led by Moses Oziel z’l, included many from the family but was not exclusive, as other members of the community, who were also endowed with beautiful voices, contributed to the overall musical presence of the city. The tradition, received from their forefathers continues as the heritage has been passed down to the next generation.

The current Oziel Choir, children and grandchildren of the original three, has performed in countless Chuppas and Jewish events in Toronto, Montreal and the United States over the last 30 years and is available to enhance your Simcha.

Our Services ​​

•Weddings and Chuppa Services
•​Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 

•​DJ and VJ Services

•Engagement parties
•​Corporate events
•A Capella group for Aufrufs and Shabbat Luncheons

Band/Musicians available upon request:

 Keyboardist. Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet, Drummer, Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Trombone, Violinist, Flamenco Guitarist,

​ High-energy percussionist (J. Stixx), Harp, String Quartet, DJ services, Full Sound system with lights and sound technician

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